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U.S. Department of Energy “Save Energy Now” Program CASE STUDIES
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Pipes Need Jackets Too: White Paper
“Improving Performance of BC Buildings through Mechanical Insulation Practice and Standards”
National Insulation Association: White Paper
“Mechanical Insulation: A Powerful Solution for Improving U.S. Building Energy
Efficiency and GHG Reductions on an Industrial Scale”
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National Insulation Association
“Mechanical Insulation Industry Measurement Survey”
111th Congress: U.S. House Resolution 389
“Encouraging energy efficient and environment-friendly building and facility certification programs to incorporate the use of mechanical insulation as part of their standards and ratings system.”
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers
“Insulation for Mechanical Systems”
The National Insulation Association
“Technical Energy Solutions: The Power of Insulation”
U.S. Department of Energy
“Industrial Insulation for Systems Operating Above Ambient Temperature”

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