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Green, Environmentally Friendly Construction is Our Standard

Insulation Helps Protect the Environment

Properly installed mechanical insulation provides long-term energy efficiency and greenhouse-gas emissions reduction. With the adequate and proper design, installation and thickness of insulation on all mechanical systems, buildings are made more efficient and
environmentally friendly.

Mechanical Insulation Industry Professionals help ensure construction projects are
LEED CERTIFIED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
, based on
the LEED ecology-oriented building certification program run under the U.S. Green
Building Council.

Our member contractors and their professional workforce are well-prepared to create a sustainable environment in buildings and facilities through insulation.

Mechanical Insulation Industry Professionals
have been Green for over 100 years!

If a simple valve is properly insulated with 2-inches of insulation, within a year the building
would save:

      • 49 million BTU’s of heat loss
      • 7,600 pounds of CO2 emissions
      • 15 pounds of nitrogen oxides emissions
        (Calculations obtained using NAIMA 3E-Plus version 4.0 software.)

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