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Fire-Stopping Insulation

Saving Lives with Insulation

Industry-wide, the Mechanical Insulation Industry Professionals are at the forefront
of an increased focus on the importance of properly installing fire-stopping insulation
materials through standardized and proper design, installation, inspection
and maintenance.

The Mechanical Insulation Industry Professionals provide customers with
peace of mind by expertly crafting and properly installing the most modern
fire-protection technology available.


The Importance of Fire-Stopping Examined

Fire-Stopping insulation is part of effective compartmentation: “boxes” built within a
building or other structure to keep fire from spreading from the room of origin to other
parts of the building or other structure.

Compartmentation is complete when doors, hardware and glass are fire and smoke
resistance-rated; penetrations, head-of-wall and perimeter and expansion joints are
sealed with Fire-Stopping insulation; and ductwork has fire, smoke, or fire-smoke dampers installed in walls.

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