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Professional Craftsman Code of Conduct of the Insulation Industry

Professional Craftsman Code of Conduct =
Highest Quality and Quantity of Work

The Mechanical Insulation Industry Professionals works with an expert insulation workforce
that is governed by its own industry “Code of Conduct” to help ensure jobs are completed
On Time, Under Budget and Right the First Time
The “Professional Craftsman Code of Conduct” promotes pride in craftsmanship for Mechanical Insulation Industry Professionals installation and maintenance employees
through the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers
Local 6.
Focusing each worker on teamwork and projecting a positive attitude while on the job and
off, the “Code of Conduct” is an agreement of responsibility between contractors and their skilled craftsmen, an agreement by which they will be at their very best while working with a Mechanical Insulation Industry Professionals contractor.

To read the Professional Craftsman Code of Conduct, click here.
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